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Sustainable Living

Our economy, culture, and quality of life are closely tied to the environment. Sustainable practices enable us to meet our current needs without compromising the next generation's ability to satisfy their own needs. We can preserve our natural heritage and conserve natural resources for the future by living sustainably.

To find out what Extension services are available in your area or to get personal assistance, please contact your county Extension office.

Eat Local: Pecans

Local pecan season ends in January, so now is the perfect time to find out how to select the perfect pecan. More...

home Seasonal Sustainability: Winter

From using rechargeable batteries to recycling ashes from a fire, it's easy to be sustainable this season. More...

home Reducing Home Heating Costs

Save money and energy while heating your home with these sustainable suggestions. More...

compact fluorescent light Compact Fluorescent Lights

Decrease your energy bill and increase lighting efficiency with compact fluorescent light bulbs. More...

persimmons Eat Local: Persimmons

December is the last month to eat local persimmons in Florida—learn what to look for when buying this fruit. More...

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